Beth Gillian Raps, Ph.D. (Here’s my CV.) Born 1960. Expecting to live to 150, as that’s how we’re designed. Lives accordingly.

Gentle and fierce.

Practical and contemplative.

Goes to the dreamtime and the drawing-board for budgets and narratives, choices and solutions to problems.

Goes to museums, bathhouses and teahouses for inspiration. Loves the elements: water, air, earth, fire, tea. (Just kidding: the fifth element is ether.)

Worked in the nonprofit sector as organizer and fundraiser since 1985. Founded a grantsmaking institution at 26. Certified in moneycoaching with individuals and organizations since 2009.

Two other blogs besides RAISING CLARITY’s:  Raps in French and English for writing, book-coaching, translation, and editing; rapsraps on Tumblr for “persuasion to justice, healing, self-determination, and other wild ideas.”

Not only believes in but works with the unseen. Teaches willing clients to do the same.

(And this is why I write and say “we” when I talk of RAISING CLARITY.)

A heart that has taken the sun as its mentor.