RAISING CLARITY and Time: On the Shoulders of Giants

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Grandson-and-Einstein image from leisureguy.wordpress.com's post of 3/23/07

You may already know Peter Bregman.  I first read about him on the fly–literally, in Southwest Airlines’ Spirit magazine.*  The article featured five time-management tips adapted from 18 Minutes, the latest book by Bregman, whom the magazine styled “the docent of distraction.”

Bregman is actually the docent of non-distraction.  Without getting as openly spiritual as we do at RAISING CLARITY, Bregman is a clear-headed, warm-hearted productivity and organizational change consultant.  His writings are a gift: his garden post is a great place to start.

While I’m waiting the one week I asked you try out my first step in Time-Sculpting 101, I‘ll write about time, starting with some of Bregman’s tips as my perfect foil to describe RAISING CLARITY’s approach to time as a precious yet abundant resource.

Bregman says we should  “Focus on Five,”  that is, focus every single day on our top five priorities for the year!  Thinking that big is right on. RAISING CLARITY’s Clarity Map in fact points our clients to fewer than five and probably for longer than a year.  We seeking a very deep level of inner clarity for our clients, who are responding to a calling.  We winnow your priorities until your focus becomes laser-strong, because you are visionaries who sense you can serve only one calling at a time.  Together, we are all about hearing that calling loud and CLEAR. 

The rest of our posts this week will teach using the beautiful work of Peter Bregman to lift up our own.  We stand on the shoulders of giants, in gratitude.

*Last year; his article is no longer on the magazine’s website.  See the 18 Minutes tab on his website, clickable above in this post, for excerpts.


  1. Leisureguy
    April 4, 2012

    Thanks for posting the photo. You may be interested to know that The Older Grandson pictured will be 16 this summer and is embarked upon a scientific/engineering course of studies in the Ingenuity Project at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, so that photo fits his inclinations.

  2. admin
    April 4, 2012

    Wow, Leisure Guy: I am _thrilled you wrote. I feel affirmed and blessed by the Older Grandson’s success, presaged in that photo. The Ingenuity Project looks outrageous!:
    I live close by. One of my Baltimore clients, Community Supported Wellness, is teaching about healthy food and wellness practices in Southwest Baltimore: http://fusionpartnerships.wordpress.com/sponsored-projects/csw/
    And I love their fiscal sponsor, Fusion Partnerships. They sponsored a daylong fundraising workshop for many of their sponsees with me in Baltimore last fall.
    It’s hard to get me out of Baltimore!

    • The Eldest
      April 12, 2012

      Smalltimore! My son is the boy pictured, and his uncle is a social worker who runs a project sponsored by Fusion Partnerships… <3 Baltimore. :-)

      • Beth Raps, Raising Clarity
        April 12, 2012

        Dear Eldest: I love “Smalltimore!” Does everyone call it that, or did you just make that up?! What’s his uncle’s project? I may have met him!

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