Face to Face with the Tyrant


Emotion. Alternate title: Angry Clown with Frog Hat. Image by Scott Robinson, who says, “This started as a photo of a flower. I was just playing with the paintshop tools….That’s when this fellow jumped out.” Accessed on Flikr via Creative Commons Search.

I’ve blogged a lot about the Tyrant. Always in connection with money, however. For years, I’ve explained the difference between the unhealthy Tyrant and the healthy Warrior archetypes by using Donald Trump as an illustration of the Tyrant. There’s a lot of confusion around healthy moneymaking and investing, and healthy fundraising. I knew no one wanted to be thought of like Trump when it came to money.

My Tyrant has become President.

Tyrant energy rules right now. Perhaps you’ve noticed it in yourself?

I certainly have. I’ve been exceptionally angry. Underneath that, I’ve been extra-fearful and underneath that, sad. Maybe you can see this in yourself, if you look. Maybe you’ve already begun. Or maybe you long ago made friends with your Tyrant.

I’ve behaved badly to people I love. Deeply badly, and yes, this is an apology to you, B and to you, S.

I have always been terrified of the Tyrant. I can sense a Tyrant at 20 paces. The Tyrant was the one type I let myself loathe freely. In a crowded room, it was the one person I let myself flee.

But no more. I find I am not fleeing and I’m not loathing. Nor am I confronting or making friends. I am simply face-to-face, being-with. Acknowledging, learning, watching.

I sit, face-to-face, with the Tyrant.

I no longer run.I no longer hide.

More than any other thing right now, getting comfortable with the Tyrant is TRANSFORMING ME. I am not afraid! Of myself. Or President Trump. Or what he and his are doing to my planet, my economy, my friends. I am not afraid.

I do not dramatize, I do not blame. I do not flee or loathe or shy away. I act, and I rest. I stick around. I resist–and do much beyond resistance. I experience pain but not suffering.  I keep open. I keep alert. I keep face to face because:

The safest place for a Tyrant is face to face.

No one wants to be thought of  like Trump when it comes to power. The shadow of the Tyrant is loneliness. Don’t leave the Tyrant alone.

Register Yourself Now!


The Coalition sponsoring the One America Registry. For more information, click here! For stuff you can do to help in addition to signing, click here!

President Trump’s proposed Muslim Registry is goofy and RAISING CLARITY’s not afraid to say so!

As a Jew by birth, it’s more than mildly terrifying to picture the family tree I saw on my auntie’s wall with all its blank spaces because we and many, many others were “banned” by the Nazis just decades ago.

As an Islamophile, the Registry hurts me personally. It hurts my friends + their friends + families + exponentially.

My local is global: the Registry hurts my world.

Maybe you feel the same. Maybe you remember Japanese internment in the US. Maybe you think the Registry’s just plain wrong, hurtful and stupid. Maybe it gives you the creeps. Maybe you feel it’s a gigantic misuse of precious resources and that misuse harms our flow of abundance. Maybe you’re tired of being an Ugly American. Maybe you’re disturbed at the Registry’s violation of the separation of church and state that’s US bedrock.

As we wrote in our first (but not last) post on the Beloved Community, RAISING CLARITY is using the next four years not simply to resist but to BUILD the Beloved Community. The One America Registry is a creative idea we endorse–in fact, we’re proud to be one of its launching organizations as you’ll see in the announcement below!

Sign up now and read on…


Over 50 Diverse Groups Announce Campaign to Counter President Trump’s

Immigration & Terrorism Policies

NEW YORK CITY – In a collective move,  over 50 groups representing Americans of all backgrounds on Tuesday launched the One America Coalition.  In line with its diversity of makeup, the One America Coalition encourages all Americans to sign and join its One America Registry as a way of recalling the unique and incomparable nature of the modern American identity whose very foundations are diversity and immigration.

Not only does the One America Coalition repudiate President Donald Trump’s unconstitutional policies on immigration, but also, on a broader front, seeks to combat an emerging vision of America relinquishing its long-held moral high ground among the community of nations.

The One America Registry at https://oneamericaregistry.org/ is a nationwide campaign to inform Americans about the harmful consequences of these policies and provide ideas, action items and materials for individuals to help defeat them. Such policies include a domestic Muslim registry, faith-based bans on refugees and visas, mass deportation policies and attacks on U.S. sanctuary cities. The One America Registry will also serve as an organizing tool for future actions to counter policies that undermine our essential and historic American values.

Imam Malik Mujahid, the President of Sound Vision (a co-founder of the One America Coalition) and Chair-Emeritus of the Parliament of World’s Religions , called Trump’s actions “dangerous, discriminatory and unconstitutional.”

“The One America Registry is a powerful way to show President Trump that he cannot divide Americans so easily. Americans of all races and religions, men and women, young and old, we stand together as one America in opposition to divisiveness and hate.”

Imam Mujahid said the One America Registry campaign expects to conduct upcoming events to offer opportunities for Americans to come together and celebrate what it means to be an American. The One America Registry campaign also will disseminate key information to immigrant communities about legal resources and guides, along with helping people decide how they want to participate in future actions against Trump’s policies.

Daniel Mach, Director of the ACLU Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief , said: “We are proud to join this campaign and to resist bigotry and discrimination. Our nation is stronger when we stand united to embrace the great American promise of religious freedom and equality.”

“The NAACP New York State conference is joining this campaign in proud partnership. During these uncertain times, it is important that all freedom-loving Americans stick together,” said Dr. Hazel Dukes, President of the NAACP New York State Conference.

The One America Coalition includes:

  • ACLU
  • American Constitution Society for Law & Policy
  • Americans for Democratic Action
  • Arise Chicago
  • Asian Law Alliance
  • American Friends Service Committee MidWest
  • Action Sprout
  • Better Georgia
  • Better Boxball
  • Black Institute
  • Colorado Fiscal Institute
  • Compassionate Atlanta
  • CounterAct
  • Charter for Compassion
  • Chicago’s Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights
  • Dragonfly Partners
  • Daily Kos
  • Equal Justice Society
  • Equality California
  • EveryLibrary
  • Georgia Alliance for Social Justice
  • It Must Be Us
  • Interfaith Center of New York
  • Immigration Equality
  • Interfaith Paths to Peace
  • Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta
  • J Street
  • Justice For All
  • K-12 News Network
  • Keystone Progress
  • Michigan Muslim Community Council
  • Money-Mindfulness
  • Muslim Americans for Compassion
  • Muslim Peace Coalition
  • Muslim Public Affairs Council
  • New Hampshire Labor News
  • New Media Ventures
  • NAACP New York State Conference
  • Our Family Coalition
  • Public Citizen
  • R Strategy Group
  • Ruby Zandra’s Blue Jazz Society of Hope
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Silicon Valley Progressive Faith Community
  • Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference
  • Ted Terry, Mayor of Clarkston, GA
  • Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
  • Upaya Zen Center
  • UNAC
  • Voto Latino
  • Workplace Fairness.

PS: If you want to do even more than sign up, click here to see all the ways you can multiply the Registry!

Nothing Wrong with the Way You Love


Love: A heart-shaped patch of rusted metal, showing through cracked and flaking paint; a metal wall, near railway tracks. Image by and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Chris Sanderson.

My sweetie says he used to call Valentine’s Day “Halloween II.” I think that’s funny! And reveals a truth: we think we don’t already have love. We think there is something wrong with the way we love. Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays because it’s all about love, and love is all there is.

I mean: we are made of love. We can’t not love, or have love, or give love. Our only work is to remove the obstacles to love.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

This may sound easy.

This may sound hard.

How does it sound to you?

Have you tried it?

“Nothing wrong with the way you love.” That’s the message of this post. I received it for myself and for you as I awoke from a dream this morning to write this post.

It can be challenging to remember who we are. In a way, RAISING CLARITY supplies only clarity. We can lead you to water but we can’t make you drink.

Can you drink? Can you let love in?

 Thomas A Kempis writing 500 years ago sounds a lot like Rumi speaking 700 years ago about becoming one with love:

For who is there, that approaching humbly a fountain of great sweetness does not carry away some little sweetness?

Or who standing near a great fire, does not receive some small heat from it?

And You are a fountain always full and overflowing; a fire ever burning and never going out.

What is your source of sweetness? Where is your fountain? Can you find your way back to the great fire? Or have you not lost it? (Rumi burned so strongly that one anthology of his in English is called simply, I Want Burning.)

There may be a problem with the way we unlove. But there can be no problem with the way we love. 

In my work as a moneycoach, I teach all eight of Deborah L. Price’s archetypes. Five are weak and unhealthy. Three are healthy and strong.* It is so much easier to help people strengthen what’s strong than to chip away at what’s weak! Argh! This approach–chipping away at what we don’t like–is so common. And it works much faster and better to heal the weak parts, in my years of experience.

Let’s agree that what we do well is where we focus.

If what we focus on is what we get more of, let’s focus on what we do well. Let’s do more of it. Let’s love the ways we love.

Do you even know how you love? Have you ever thought about it? How do you love?

Me, I show love through cooking, words, work, shared time, and worrying which I conscientiously turn into prayer because as they say, “if you pray, don’t worry and if you worry, don’t pray.”

I even show this love to myself when I have behaved particularly badly. It helps me take the badness apart and look at it carefully, kindly, quietly and slowly, then heal, which means “become whole,” like the word integrity means “wholeness.”

Sometimes I show love through upset. Finding love in the middle of all those tangled vines of upsetness becomes my focus. Slowing down to take the time to look finds it. It is always there, if I will remove the vines, carefully, kindly, quietly and persistently and then:

Nothing wrong with the ways you love.

*Alongside the healthy archetypes of Warrior, Creator/Artist and Magician, the weakened ones are the Innocent, Victim, Martyr, Tyrant and Fool. If you click on each archetype, you’ll be taken to a post exploring it. Or find the whole series here.

I am always willing to negotiate a price for my work with anyone serious about change.

RAISING CLARITY on HOW to be nice to yourself at the holidays


“Pampered Pitbull,” by remitaylor on Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

It’s the holidays. Surely you can take some time off. You maybe can’t go out and buy yourself anything. (Why not?)

Give the gift that keeps on giving: Take time off for yourself!

Many voices tell you to do this. Few tell you how. BELOW is our simple three-step process for giving yourself the best gift of all–time:

Step 1: Schedule it.

Step 2: Protect it: keep your date with yourself!

Step 3. Enjoy it.


For more ideas, click here. (You’ll find posts like this one I revised especially for you this season!) And I won’t resist pointing you to more posts on the three steps if you need support:

Step 1: Schedule it. 

Also: Appropriocrastinate!

Step 2: Protect your mental space.

Also: Date yourself.

Step 3: Enjoy it! (Now if you need help with this one…! Instead of me adding more of our posts for you to read, how ’bout you write to me about how it went, your gift you gave yourself of time?)

Seeing Into Our Own Darkness & Post #26 in Our Series, What One (White) Person Can Do


Dark Light. Image by and uploaded to Flikr by darkday, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Simply acknowledging our own darkness is a step toward resolving it.

Not all darkness wants resolving. Much of it is mystery, perfectly fine.

Sometimes, however, we obfuscate: we cover up something that needs airing.

AirBnB recently had this happen. They are the online company that helps room-seekers find room-offerers to stay with when traveling. Some room-offerers use the AirBnB website to commit racism, for example saying “yes, we have a room” to prospective room-seekers, and then “no, we don’t” when the room-seeker turns out to be a person of color.  The company had not meant for this to happen, but they had made it possible, even easy.

So what did they do? Ignore it? Blame it on the individual room-offerers?

No, they saw into the situation and began doing some high-level things to change it. Here is a great description of what they’re doing.

Meanwhile, what does your darkness conceal? Mystery only? Or things that need airing? Now is a great season to see into your own darkness. If you want help, contact us.



Continuing the Rainbow Journey: Promotion with Integrity


Opal, by and uploaded to Flikr by Jim Thompson, accessed via Creative Commons.

This blog series shares my journey through my promotional superpowers. In order to write you something of worth, I have had to dig deep within myself:

  • to ground (and help you ground),
  • get juiced (and show you were to find your juice),
  • radiate confidence (and help you source yours),
  • open my heart (to help me hold space for you to open yours),
  • speak my truth (and empower your speaking),
  • embrace my clairvoyance (and speak to you of the confidence that is all it takes for you to embrace yours)
  • accept healing of my “promotional” body (and point to yours).

One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what I need to do it,

good promotion is not outside me:

I don’t need more advice.

I don’t need a sounding board.

I definitely don’t need more time.

It’s the other way around:

everything I need to do good promotion lives inside me.

I activate my promotional superpowers and then I have

  • a use for the advice
  • something to bounce off the sounding board
  • no resistance to setting aside the time I need to promote my work.

It’s inevitable:

When we are no longer afraid of doing promotion,  we become more successful.

Promotion with Integrity Group

I am offering a Promotion with Integrity support and coaching group this fall. Here is the Application. It’s due by 5pm on Monday, October 3rd. I’m taking a maximum of 15 people.
You can recommend it to others, too! Notice that you can afford it. The group starts meeting in mid-November. Remember: the Application is due Monday, October 3rd by 5pm. I’ll review all the Applications at the same time–and choose the juiciest and most synergistic balance of 15. Criteria for showing us how juicy and synergy-producing you are can be found in the Application.

Meditation for Racial Peace: Post #25 in Our Series, What One (White) Person Can Do


Image used with permission of Imani Works. For information about their Conflict Transformation Services program, click here.

Here it is–all laid out for us by Imani Works:

an exquisite meditation (see p. 9)

a way to use meditation to advance racial justice and healing (see p. 1)

a complete detailed guide and program for your racial peace event (see p. 6).

I loved this “Curriculum for Racial Healing” so much I requested permission from its creators to focus on it this month in our series.

Here’s an excerpt introducing the meditation:

Racial peace can be found by awakening to the racial suffering in this country, within ourselves and within others, and bringing a compassionate attention to what hurts. Through meditation, we begin by bringing into awareness and directly acknowledging the personal suffering created by racial tension and aversion. Opening our hearts with compassion, we hold that suffering, and the suffering of others, with honesty and kindness and great care, allowing it to transform from suffering to a sense of spaciousness and equanimity. We are aware that everything changes. Awareness and loving kindness show us how we all share this human experience, and that we are all kin and that we all belong here.

“Meditation for Racial Peace: A Curriculum for Racial Healing” truly contains everything you’ll need–beautiful flyers, “icebreaker cards,” and sign-in sheets you can photocopy! detailed guidance, ideas about timing, artistic performances, and meditating with children! a savvy Resources list at the end! All eminently adaptable.

Like so many of the very best things in life, it is free. But why not upload a donation to Imani Works when you download your copy?







Promotion with Integrity is Healed


Photo by jdurham from morguefile.com

Below is the recording of the “Promotion with Integrity is Healed” free phone chat described in this post. Enjoy!

All of these words have the same root.

Promotion with Integrity heals wounds.

It heals advice we’ve received about promoting our work (that we could not get to work for us).

It heals lies we’ve told ourselves about our work.

It heals our pain at having told potential clients something more than was true about our work–or something less, downplaying our work because we were scared, shy, comparing ourselves to someone else, resistant, afraid, afraid, afraid.

Promoting our work with integrity heals how we write and speak about and demonstrate our work. It means we share our work in ways that are aligned with all our parts. In alignment, we share our work as as we do our work–and as uniquely. We are daring, creative, flowing, communicative of our love, wise, delighted to experiment and to improve.

Each of us who reads this blog has created their work uniquely. Here is my manifesto for us:

It may not make sense to anyone else, but this is how we do it.

It may come across as too vulnerable to others, but this is the voice we speak in.

It may not meet a majority need, but we know there is a niche for it.

Everyone who reads this blog has a project, a dream being realized, an organization dear to them, is an entrepreneur in the sense of innovator and risk-taker (the original meaning of “entrepreneur”: someone who undertakes something qualified to be called “an undertaking.” You don’t “undertake” something ordinary.)

Self-acceptance and self-embrace are big for us. So is learning from others without copying them or wanting to. So is boldly following our best inner guidance!

When we love promoting our work, we are healed.

This Fall, I will start offering a monthly support group for promoters-with-integrity.  I have realized I know a lot and know very smart people! Some of them will be in this support group.

We will meet for learning, practice, sharing, and guided meditation–specifically improving our promotion–each month.  I will also coach and consult with each member between meetings.  Please know I intend to make this affordable, and want you if you are interested. If you want to know more now, you can apply here. I will write about the group again so no worries if you feel you want to hear more first. I think I’ll limit it to 15 for maximum changemaking and bonding.

Here are what we promise in every post in this series: steps, a meditation, and an invitation to our next (last!) free phone chat of the Promotion with Integrity summer blog post series:


  1. Think about what it would mean to have healing in promoting your work: that area of your life would simply no longer be an issue. Notice that you would probably automatically begin to help other people with your light and wise, experiential teaching.
  2. Imagine healed promotion and how it feels. Know it is already happening when you connect within yourself and try out new promotional strategies that feel good to you, no matter how small, “crazy,” creative, never before seen. You have begun doing this.
  3. Ask: what kind of promotional issue am I having? The answers really can come from within you. Do you need the wisdom of:
    speaking your truth?

Click on the color of the wisdom you need, and use the steps in the post to find the answers to your issue. You know much more than you think.

Free Phone Chat

Date: Monday, August 15, 2016
Time: 3pm Eastern for one hour
Cost: Free
Join: The call-in number is 641-715-3276. Give this code when prompted: 187944#. We’ll talk about healing our innate wisdom in sharing our work, and I’ll lead us on a meditative journey that inspires insights and new ideas. (It really does; you can hear people getting ideas and insights right on the calls! Just click on the colors above to be taken to past posts in this series. The recordings are given at the top of each post.)



Giant White Shasta Daisies. Image by and uploaded to Flikr by Swallowtail Garden Seeds with a Creative Commons license.

This is your chance for all-out visualization. What does successful promotion of your work LOOK like to your intuition or inner seeing?

Can you see it as a movie? My movie: I love seeing myself talking to individuals and small groups about RAISING CLARITY. I love seeing myself speaking to a roomful of people about our basic concepts, and seeing articles I’ve published that promote our unique point of view. I love putting people in touch whom I know will love each other and raise each other’s clarity, and convening gatherings where people are RAISING CLARITY. And I’m only talking about promoting. I also love being wise and helpful as a coach and consultant.

What do you look like promoting your work successfully? Seeing yourself successful is revealing.

Now gather all your superpowers we symbolize by the rainbow of colors in this series, and allow them to flow out the top of your head. See the white-light diamond at your crown where the colors meet and stream out the top of your head. You are POWER itself. You make success by simply allowing the stream.

How are you doing it? What new things are you doing? What are you doing better?

See you again soon! There will be one more post saying goodbye and thank you to this series!

Guest Post: What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege: Post #24 in Our Series, What One (White) Person Can Do

good black news mastheadThis is a share of a blog post I think you should read, following my idea last week that I don’t need to hog your attention with my twice-weekly posts. And it is definitely what one white person can do–allow someone else to speak.

I love  Lori Lakin Hutcherson’s thoughtful, skillfully chosen “Good Black News.” I love her story about why she founded this news service and serves as its editor-in-chief. You’ll also love the why and how if you read the post of hers–an editorial–and you will get a lot out of the stories she tells.

I could not believe Lori’s white friend asked “her black opinion” on white privilege–on Facebook. And for an entirely different reason, I could not believe the goodness and kindness of her reply (as well as its power and precision). I like getting out of the way and helping her broadcast it to more people.

If you have ever wanted clarity about white privilege, here you get it without having to ask.  One thing you can do (as our series is called): enjoy GBN’s blog posts. Stopping racism includes educating ourselves, and educating ourselves can be a delight. Making it a delight is part of Good Black News’s gift to us.  OK, here is the post, if you haven’t already clicked on it above:


And here’s the website of indexed posts in all arenas of life plus a way to subscribe:


Promotion with Integrity is Clear-Sighted


The Tereshchenko Diamond. Photographer unknown, uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Famous Diamonds.

Here is the recording of the free phone chat mentioned below on this topic. Enjoy!


Being clear is easy. We are born clear. Becoming brave enough to be clear in our promotion takes unlearning fear.

Promotion with Integrity is courageously clear-sighted. Consider these questions:

  • How many times have you stood in your truth as you promoted your work?
  • How many times have you stood up for your truth in promoting your work?
  • How many times have you caved?

Never, I hope. But if you have caved in to promoting your work using something other than your whole truth, you are not alone. I have too, but when I call upon all my powers, I have the courage of my clairvoyance. I can unlearn untruth.

Clear-sighted is what “clairvoyant” means.  Clairvoyance you may think of as the power of a only a few, but that’s simply not true. Clairvoyant people have the courage of their clear-sightedness. As Maggie Kuhn, founder of the Gray Panthers said,

Speak your mind–even if your voice shakes.


  1. Notice that we can see much more than we often allow ourselves to see, including about our work: we can see
    • what work we really do–and what we don’t (even if we wish we did)
    • what feels right in promoting our true work (and what nauseates us)
    • the intersection “where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet,” as Frederick Buechner put it.
  2. Write what you see about yourself, your work, and the world. You don’t have to show it to anyone. Sometimes it comes with a lot of emotion. Write it all out. Edit the crap out of it but not the good stuff. Allow yourself to notice what the good stuff is.
  3. Allow yourself to share what you see. Build up to the courage of your clairvoyance.

Bachelor Button. Lightly cropped. Image by Bruce Stradling uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons.


 Please rest your physical eyes. Close them or let them drop their gaze. Tune into your “third eye,” the one in between your eyes, in the little space between your eyebrows. You can touch it, massage it, press on it to get clear where I mean.

Allow all your stress to stream out your third eye.  As you feel that stream slow to a stop, allow white light in to your third eye, clearing and cleansing your sight. Let the stream of white light go out of your body where it goes. (You can notice where it seems to want to go, it’s interesting. You can ask me what I think it means in a comment to this post or an email.)

Now send white light back out your third eye. Beam it like a lighthouse. See in front of you the landscape of your work. Just survey it with your strong white light, back and forth slowly, detached from what you observe with your clear sight and x-ray vision.

You don’t at this moment have to do anything else. After you complete the meditation, if you are moved to action by what you saw, great. If you are moved to write about what you saw, do. If you want to show yourself a specific problem (related to promoting your work perhaps), do the meditation and allow the lighthouse-type light to shower on the landscape of what you thought was your problem. See what you see and you will see the problem in a new light.

Phone Chat

Join us for a free chat by telephone on this topic, including a guided meditation:

When: Monday, August 1, 10am-11am

Where: Entirely on the phone: 641-715-3276.  When prompted, enter this code: 187944#

The call will be recorded and the soundfile posted at the top of this post just like we have all the others in our series. No RSVP needed.