Eyesight-testing lenses

RAISING CLARITY is changing the way we describe our work on our website and blog. Seeing ourselves in a clearer way depends on having the right lenses to look through. Let us share our clearer vision with you in this post. Image: “2014/365/94 Seeking Clarity” by Alan Levine is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

We’ve been getting clarity on our own work. You’ll laugh because you already know this–

Here is what RAISING CLARITY does:

  • Peaceful & ethical nonprofit fundraising
  • Peaceful & ethical money management

Wow! Suddenly it’s clear why we talk about antiracism, developing intuition, and integrating mindfulness: they are  part of

  • Peaceful & ethical nonprofit fundraising
  • Peaceful & ethical money management

Racism? Totally not peaceful or ethical when it comes to fundraising–and let me tell you how it impacts the way you make money!

Integrating mindfulness into your fundraising and money management? This is vital! I’ve published an article about it here you can download free.

The people we serve don’t just need more money. They want to come to peace with money. What is moving us into new relationship with money is our love for the world, other people, animals, the environment, the arts, health and healing, freedom from want or violence.

We want to change the world, and we need more money to do it!

New readers, welcome! Readers of many years, thank you!

I want your comments, I long for your feedback, honor me with your responses.

The person who helped us with our clarity in a way no one else ever has is the fabulous Victoria Nicks.

Clarity is a Moving Target


Image by Andym5855 of James Wright’s “Target.” Uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

I was talking with a client soul-colleague last week about gaining clarity. She quoted me in an interview I gave here about gaining clarity and it felt like she was using my words to flog herself about not being clear. So I got clear–and honest. I said, “Clarity is a moving target! I get unclear all the time! And then I have to get clear again!” She said,


and that’s when I realized I had a blog post on my hands–and that I had better ‘fess up. Clarity IS a moving target! There’s no other path to RAISING CLARITY than to keep getting clear. It’s a process, and you do get clear–and then something changes, and you have do to it again.

This isn’t a pitch for more business for us; our work is deliberately long-lasting because we teach you the tools of how to get clear for yourself, we don’t hoard them. It’s a pitch for compassion for yourself.

Here are the steps to RAISING CLARITY:

  1. Make a mess of something.
  2. Realize you’re totally confused.
  3. Realize you know where to get help.
  4. Work with us–a little or a lot.
  5. Specifically, do a dreamtime or discussion session with us, or both, helping you see where you are unclear and how that’s making you make a mess.
  6. Get a bit clearer.
  7. Take a week to use your new clarity to see into the mess.
  8. Perhaps do another session with us–or use our tools yourself.
  9. See more clearly into the mess; watch the mess dissolve.
  10. Repeat.

Do you see these as concentric circles? I do–the concentric circles of a target!

That’s because the more clarity we see, the more there is to see.

Increasing clarity is PROGRESS. It’s not a bad thing to see you need more of it: it’s a great thing. It’s intrinsic to being organic, moving, growing creatures not just that we change, but that as we zero in, we see more–and then can zero in again to a new clarity, and so on. With this commitment to increasing clarity, we can take responsibility for more and more in our lives, and have more and more “peaceful progress with plenty of support,” as I say in our one and only video.

This is what we’ve noticed and what we’re good at helping people with, especially but not limited to money and work issues. It’s the juicy game we call the Divine Curriculum: how the Cosmic Something or our higher selves work with us to become better people through our money and work issues! Let’s play this game with zest for the process.

Offered with love,




WE give you HOMEWORK!

I found myself writing homework for five different clients last week and realized: wow! what fun! for me and for them!

RAISING CLARITY may be the only people proud of giving you HOMEWORK. I know, I know, you probably remember homework like this:320px-I_Don't_Know_ANY_of_This!

When you work with us, it feels like this:

320px-ChaliceWell(GB)QuietReflectionSignyou can count on your dollars stretching f-a-a-a-rther by us giving you homework that we review, often for free, in between sessions. Here’s an explanation we love:

I do not advise working with Beth if you do not want to work hard. Beth will do everything she says she’ll do and expect the same of you. She will guide you through a process of clarification which will give you and your group a clear goal and empower you to achieve it for yourself.

This is from our new-and-improved Testimonials page. It’s one of our all-time favorite endorsements: you will work smarter, not harder with us, and we promise you’ll raise clarity. You’ll gain focus, specificity, detail, depth, richness in what you came to us for.

Buy One Hour, Give Away An Hour Free: RAISING CLARITY’s Non-Bogus BOGO


I love bogo. Image by Mark Morgan uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

If you buy an hour of our time, you can gift the same to anyone who’s never worked with us before.

This offer is especially “non-bogus” because it’s retroactive: if you’ve ever bought an hour of our time, you can gift one. It’s also fractal: if you’ve bought a half-hour, you can gift a half-hour. Or even 15 minutes!

Here’s how it works:
  1. Email us at bethraps@raisingclarity.com with the name & email address of the person to whom you’re gifting the hour. (It can be an organization or an individual. Coaching is what individuals want for themselves; consulting what they want for their organizations or projects, but you can let them choose.)
  2. We will send them a fancy, branded RAISING CLARITY email letting them know you’ve gifted them and initiating conversation about what they’d like to use it for. (We never start the clock til we know what we’re doing. Anything prior to that is free, considered “scope of work,” a fancy phrase for “figuring out how we can help.”) We cc you on the initial email.
  3. You can do this as many times as you like: one gift hour per paid hour, a gift half-hour per paid half-hour or even a gift quarter-hour per paid quarter-hour. (Our work is that good: you actually make progress in 15 minutes’ coaching or consulting. I have testimonials to prove it!)

We Take the Leap with You

Two bottlenosed dolphins leap out of the water at Roatan Island in Honduras. 2000 Roatan, Honduras

Leaping Dolphins. Two bottlenosed dolphins leap out of the water at Roatan Island in Honduras, 2000. Image by Zest-pk uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Greetings! soul-colleagues, loyal readers, and interested onlookers,

Now Hear This:

Our clients have shown us that RAISING CLARITY works with issues beyond your flow of funds: RAISING CLARITY coaching is effective with our clients’ self-development; family and relationship flow; and money flow. It works with children and adults.

Today is our Leap Day telling in new words what we uniquely offer YOU:


uses your challenges

at work, with other people, in your personal wellbeing

to teach you our rational, contemplative, and shamanic tools so you

  1. know yourself and your awesome powers;
  2. experience abundance not only of money but of time;
  3. collaborate with wisdom’s gifts.
Most people start with looking at what’s wrong “out there.” But we contribute to our circumstances–and that we can change.

Work with us for 15 minutes and you’ll see. (15 minutes will cost you $25.)

We start by taking the leap with you, teaching you our  tools and practicing them with you. And then, you’re done. It’s not forever. It’s just long enough.

1. Know Yourself and Your Powers

One of our favorite ways to show clients their superpowers is in the “dreamtime.” When dreamtime work is called for in a client session, we invite you to RAISING CLARITY’s spacious house in a kind of parallel universe you enter with your mind–and you leave with gifts. Each trip is completely unique and utilizes our abundant psychic ability as well as cultivating  your own abundance in intuition!

Here, you can: find powers you thought you lost, reclaim parts of yourself you didn’t mean to give away, try out alternative scenarios and regain your place on the pathway to your unique abundance each time. Wise guides from every era and beyond time and space can meet you here if you are willing. The house acts as an amplifier; we find clients see, hear, sense much more here than in everyday life. And there is no belief system you need to have before it will work for you: you already have it. We’ve found intuition is simply a natural, human ability. In fact, we’ve helped many develop their own locations in the dreamtime so they can use this intuitive “booster” anytime. For a fuller description, contact us  or see this blog post describing our dreamtime work. For testimonials, see here; the second and third testimonial concern our dreamtime work specifically.

2. Experience Abundance

Another unusual aspect of RAISING CLARITY is our knowing you are perfect, healed, whole, and have everything you seek. You would be surprised at how effective this is–unless you have worked with us before!

Taking this approach, we see quickly and clearly what looks like it is stuck in your way or stuck to you. We understand that it is not you. And once you understand that, you understand how to change things. The “it” that is not you includes the wounds you have experienced. We explore these as part of the wisdom curriculum of your life.  Some wounds we have worked with are of

  • poverty or extreme, unpredictable highs and lows of wealth and poverty
  • racism, which harms people of color and whites in different ways, splitting us off from ourselves and each other; in whites, there is a specific pattern of “armoring” RAISING CLARITY gives safe space to explore so we can begin to speak our racist fears, thoughts, beliefs, and other foolishness in order to reclaim our wholeness and become a safe space for others to reclaim theirs
  • sexual and physical violence
  • being old souls in young bodies
  • not being taken seriously because of the way we act, speak, think, dress, or come across to others.

You will be amazed at who you are vs. who you thought you were. You are already abundant! Stop hiding from yourself! and enjoy “peaceful progress with plenty of support,” as the last line of our very short video tells you.

3. Collaborate with Wisdom

Overall, RAISING CLARITY’s longest-lasting gift to you is that we teach you tools for thought. Get clarity and obstacles become things you can do something about.  You gain focus in the dreamtime. Then you redirect your energy and focus so they are productive. Things change; you change; and you own all our contemplative, rational and shamanic tools when you leave.

Many people have felt like they were going a million miles an hour and needed to pull off the highway to look at a map.

RAISING CLARITY clients take this as a sign to do just that.

You can change your thoughts and we can help you.

Work with us for just 15 minutes and you’ll see.

Thanks! to our soul-colleague Andrea Haynes of Abounding Spirit for a very helpful read of the first draft of this post.

Scope of Work includes Free Work from Us to You

scope of work1

This is our little “scope of work” button you see at the bottom of this page, for example.

This post tells you how to get free work from us. You have to actually want to work with us–that’s the only catch.

Whenever we start a project with someone, we ask a lot of questions so we know if and how we can help you, and how much we think it will cost, so we can tell you all of that, in detail.

In the course of  the questions, you get clarity–for free! And then sometimes, that’s enough for the moment. Why?

  • The scope of work process may reveal you don’t need us. (We definitely give referrals if we aren’t right for you!)
  • More often, scope of work may be enough for you for the moment because you learn you aren’t ready to make the most of your investment in us. And you learn how to get ready. That’s worth a lot.

If you click on the image above or the link in its caption, you will find at the bottom of the page you get to a further description of “scope of work.” Here is part of that description:

“Before we meet, we’ll ask you questions with no “right” answers, just YOUR answers.

Always we will want to know why you want to work with us—no matter how unclear you are. What’s missing, what you need, but also what you know and are already doing that is working. Because we start from what is working and all the clarity you already have.”

One final note: This “scope of work” process definitely is offered for consulting as well as coaching.

Working at Temple Beth Tikkun with RAISING CLARITY

Greetings, and welcome.  At RAISING CLARITY, we often use guided meditation. For best results, we “meet” with you in a place we call Temple Beth Tikkun–our healing house–to help you create the reality that will serve your goals.

In this, we are like Asclepios

and Temple Beth Tikkun is like the healing temples inspired by the Asclepion itself on the Island of Kos, in Greece:


Above is the house itself.

Inside, you come to our huge stone hearth, circular and embracing.

Notice you can picture it how you need it to be.  From your picture comes the reality.

We have meeting rooms, a kitchen, gardens and a compost pile and a spa-like bathroom that is completely wheelchair-accessible:






But the most unusual feature is the river running under the house. Here, we gently give away what we don’t need. We go down to the river. We receive the gift of rebirth from the waters washing us clean.

We invite you to join us at Temple Beth Tikkun.  Let us know if you would like your own room here.

Kaweah Falls. Image: kaweahfalls.

Clients as Soul-Colleagues

My professional practice is all with friends now.  I don’t always know these friends before we begin working together. But I notice now that I love each person I work with.  I see them with the eyes of Love: “My holy vision sees all things as pure.” (A Course in Miracles, lesson 263).  This is how I help best, by seeing you as the holy being you are, as gods and goddesses, as envoys from the Friend.

Or as my dissertation mentor the Belgian philosopher of science Isabelle Stengers put it, “gaining knowledge presupposes the creation of a link.”  We cannot know without being connected to what we would know.  This flies in the face of objectivity, the idea that there is any such thing, and the idea that we need to be objective in order to know something at all.  Stengers builds a case using philosophy of science, and the distinction between Heisenberg and Bohr.  (See her book, Invention of Modern Science.)  I loved being able to build this case with her in my own work as a new philosopher, and I love what it means to me now: I can only know what I am connected with.  For me, this implies that I can only know what I love.  Senegalese poet Baba Dioum’s phrasing is very beautiful: “In the end, we conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”

In my coaching and consulting, this used to feel like boundary-blurring. People I esteem greatly become clients, people who start as clients morph into friends. Without clear boundaries, this can be a problem.  But clarity has made love in action an efficient, elegant practice.

It used to make me nervous (“how do I charge this person for our time together?”) but that confusion around money is gone for me now.  With clarity about when we are talking as friends, and when as client and coach/consultant, figuring out when and what to charge is easy.

I noticed this clarity with relief recently when I offered support to a person who is challenged by health in this present time of her life.  She has come to a workshop of mine and coached with me.  I didn’t even think about it, I just loved her without forethought.  But my ease with this was different than the way I had related to her in the past, and I think she wondered about it, and asked me about it.  I found myself writing her this:

‘You’re one of my soul-colleagues.  Coaching was not on my mind when I called, and it’s not unless you say it is.  My desire to connect with you is at soul level.   A power-refrain for me is the first line in a novel Joan Didion wrote years ago: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” I think that is so right if we tell the right stories.  The right stories are the ones that give life.’

Those of you who’ve worked with me understand how powerful I think the right story can be.  I tell my client-friends stories of themselves I truly see.   It’s up to each of us to make stories real, and we have to make choices: there are crossroads we come to where we have to choose, and “open the unusual door.”  Or not!  Sometimes the door that feels the most commonplace is really our door, too.  But the loving story told by this loving narrator (me) with eyes that truly see my clients as divine beings with potential in every cell to do just what they have come to me to help them do, in abundance–this opens the path and with this love, I participate in building the beloved community.