Consider Me Muslim: Post #23 in Our Series, What One (White) Person Can Do


A close-up of Rumi’s tomb in the magnificent mausoleum within the beautifully preserved monastic enclosure now a museum in Konya, Turkey. Image by Ahmed Nisar uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Being an ally means I take “other people’s” problems as my own.

Being a pacifist means I don’t talk or write in violent, or even divisive or comparative terms about anyone.  I mostly write from within what I describe–healing or harmful.

Being a contemplative, I practice non-attachment to views, including to my own.

Being abundant means I know manifestation comes first from seeing differently.

Being abundant also means I know how we see “others” is a fractal of how we see ourselves. To change the limitations we set on others, all we need do is undertake the huge work of changing the scarce, small, fearful ways we see ourselves.

Being a clarity-raiser means I try to distinguish between the distinctions that matter and the ones that don’t:

  1. There is a furor over Leonardo DiCaprio being shortlisted to play Rumi–the Persian-descent, Turkish-born, Sufi Muslim spiritual leader made famous in English by Coleman Barks. Casting an actor without connection to Rumi’s culture and faith cuts deeper than just whether or not #Rumiwasn’twhite. Subtle distinctions* become important:

2. Some kind  people have felt it better to de-emphasize that the Orlando shooter was a Muslim. What this blurs however is NOT how Muslim his crime was but how American it was: impersonal, isolationist, homophobic, made uniquely possible by American gun laws. Practitioners of almost every faith knows that our faith not only can be but has been interpreted as urging us to violence. Islamophobia is behind both emphasizing and hiding the shooter’s Muslim-ness.

What one person can do is distinguish distinctions that matter. Our post is to help you do this–and to blur mine: when it comes to Islamophobia, just consider me Muslim. When it comes to racism, consider me a person of color. I am ally enough for that already, and in all my actions, and at all my subtler levels, try to write, think, speak and live as if I were the “other.”

*What are now “subtle” distinctions may one day be so obvious we will not believe they were ever in question. Many things we take for granted now are like that if you think about it: slavery, women’s voting, the right to free public education, the right to free public healthcare…

Early Fruit: Learnings in Promotion with Integrity


Fragaria ananassa. From the collection of Swallowtail Garden Seeds who took and uploaded this image.

In early Spring, I set myself the task of doing better marketing of RAISING CLARITY. Argh!

Marketing is often pictured as a funnel, broad like a trumpet at one end. The broad end are all the people you reach out to with your marketing. The narrow end are the ones who choose you to work with.


Funnel image made available to Flikr under Creative Commons license by Beth Kanter.

I’m very happy with our success at the narrow end! Once people work with RAISING CLARITY, they become soul-colleagues. The funnel helps clarify what “better marketing” means for RAISING CLARITY: stronger flow into the broad end of the funnel. No surprise: we do almost nothing to attract flow. I am stunned by our steady stream of soul-colleagues. For our risky business model to work, however, we need a river entering the broad end of the funnel. I love streams–so personal and inviting. So safe. Rivers scare me. But I know I have to step out of my comfort zone.

I’m great at promoting other people.

Whenever we say, “I can do it for others, but not for myself,” we have a split–you can use that split!

I worked it: I coached myself. I scheduled, and held, a meeting with myself every other day for a week. As a coach, I naturally framed things positively and encouragingly:

In promotion, there are so many things I can do right.

What kind of promotion would I like to do?

How would I like to reach people?

I walked myself very gently through feelings that came up. Coaching, I know how to figure out workarounds for these. (Three of my best workarounds are below.) I also called on non-visible my team of promotion helpers.  You don’t have to believe you have them! Just call on yours anyway, and see how much better your ideas, intuition, and timing get when you check things out with your “team.” (Start small. Ask specific questions. Trust what you hear in response to low-stakes decisions at first, and you’ll learn to work with “them”–or is that “you”? Up to you to decide.)

I love the results: a Summer series of posts + free phone chats that promote working one-on-one with us.

First workaround: Make it a campaign. I can handle promotion easily if I think of it as only taking a certain number of weeks. Plus, Summer for RAISING CLARITY is quieter. An increase in flow will be noticeable right away–and easy to appreciate myself for.

Second workaround: Make the campaign enjoyable. My PR coach designed each part of the campaign to be

  • colorful
  • juicy
  • nourishing (providing substance to the person “consuming” it, whether s/he engages with me directly or no).

Third workaround: Use a familiar structure. RAISING CLARITY loves structure! Mine was the “chakras,” our energy centers. I easily laid out our campaign timeline below using the order, color, and focus of each chakra.

Who knew we have the resources to promote our own work within us? This is going to be something I teach in a Promotion with Integrity Retreat and a Promotion with Integrity Telephone/Email Course this Fall. Get with me if you want to join. I love that the blog series naturally builds the Course and the Retreat!

Campaign Calendar

Here it is.  Note that the free phone chat promised in each post takes place exactly one week after the post itself is published. I record the chat and then post it as soundfile at the top of the original post. Click on the posts that have links below, and see for yourself!

5/9: Crystal (containing all the colors inside it): campaign kick-off announcement.

5/16: Red/Root Chakra: reducing fear and establishing stability through grounded promotion.

5/30: Orange/Sexual Chakra: juicing our promotion through creativity.

6/13: Yellow/Solar Plexus: brave, “solar” promotion of our work. This phone chat (TODAY at 6:30pm) naturally fell right on the Summer Solstice, the most solar day of the year!  I’ll post its soundfile by June 21, latest.

6/27: Aqua/Heart Chakra: emotional connection with our peeps.

7/11: Blue/Throat Chakra: clarity in our promotional “call”.

7/25: Indigo/Third Eye Chakra: clear-sightedness; allowing and embracing our clairvoyance in knowing what is right for our promotion with integrity.

8/8: Violet/Crown Chakra: letting our highest calling pull us into the next level of promotion.

8/22: Rainbow (containing all the colors in their most extroverted form): pulling it all together: our promotional grounded creative bravery emotionally connected to speak clearly about our work powered by seeing far and pulled by our highest calling.

This post was first published in our free Facebook Group, “Promotion with Integrity.” Join that Group here.

A Decent Woman Reinvents Herself and Her Situation: A Guest Post by Eleanor Parker Sapia

Book Cover of A Decent Woman by Eleanor Parker Sapia. Used with permission.

OK, beloved readers, I have a treat for you: a true inspirational story that just happened to someone we know!

This interview was conducted with our soul-colleague Eleanor Parker Sapia about the life of her first book, A Decent Woman. Eleanor is an author and then some. She embodies “what goes around comes around”; she consistently highlights other writers’ work in her blog, The Writing Life. She is into her heritage and (as each of us is when we embrace who we are fully) universal. Her bio follows at the end of her interview for us on a recent challenge and her amazing turnaround. Blessings to you who read this and may they flow on Ellie for sharing hers with us!

Late last month, my family and friends joined me in celebrating a new publisher for my debut historical novel, A Decent Woman, after my first publisher unceremoniously announced they were closing their doors. My kids asked, “Mom, how did you find a new publisher so quickly?” Well, it didn’t happen quickly, and I had one month to turn an awful experience into a happy ending. I had no idea how in the world I would make that happen, but I couldn’t give up on my book.

I’m of the mindset that we attract people, places, and situations by what we think and believe. What we perceive as negative can often be for our highest good, with lessons usually not far behind, if we care to investigate and learn from the negative experiences. Those beliefs would soon be tested.

I won’t lie; mind-numbing, stunned disbelief overshadowed a fun weekend with my best friend when I received Booktrope’s fateful email on April 29, 2016. By Monday, I was spitting mad. Another dream come true had dissolved. Did I have the energy to gather my wits, listen to my gut, and act without fear while my stomach was in knots? Did I have a clue what to do next? “No” to both questions.

Months before learning about Booktrope’s closing, I revamped my query letter. I don’t know why, but I was thankful I had listened to my gut. By the following Wednesday, I’d sent out two query letters to small publishers, even before the full details of Booktrope’s pending demise became available, which as it turns out, didn’t reach us for a week. I’m sure you can appreciate the stress induced by an uncertain future of an already-published book, a bestseller. Add to that the stress of not only having my book yanked off Amazon on May 31, 2016, but the potential of losing 74 wonderful book reviews in a month’s time. If I did nothing, by June 1, 2016, it would look like my book had never existed.

Well, the weekend was brutal for all Booktrope authors, their families and friends, for creative team members, and for Booktrope staff members, who despite losing their jobs, tried to answer our many, many burning questions. It was a tough situation all around.

I did make a few early decisions which served me well. I decided the reasons Booktrope was folding weren’t helpful to know; it just hadn’t work out. The publishing model, while interesting, unique, and hopeful, had failed. I don’t enjoy or see the merit of going around and around in circles with the “why” something has happened…okay, except for dating the wrong man…in the past, which has caused me to go around and around, trying to figure out what went wrong. Right or wrong, these days, I prefer asking “why?” once and moving on.

The second decision was not to get involved in the myriad heated discussions on social media, and not joining in when the name-calling, bashing, and the legal threats started on Facebook. Now, don’t get me wrong, at times I felt unreasonable and childish, and wanted to give certain people a little piece of my mind, but I knew that wouldn’t have been helpful or useful for me. Instead, I followed only useful, positive Facebook threads started by Booktrope authors and creative team members, who offered helpful information about moving forward and finding new homes for our books.

It was very tempting to sit on my river porch with a wine bottle, tearfully watching the boats sail by. I thought of going on vacation, burying my head, doing anything, anything, but restarting the tedious query process. I knew if I sat passively on the sidelines, I would hurt myself, my book, and my writing career, but it was tough to move.

Some situations require action and others require gathering information, thinking, and sorting things out before moving forward. But I, we, 639 authors, didn’t have the luxury of time…correction, Booktrope hadn’t given us much time. We had one month to sort ourselves out, get over the pity party, and find new publishers for our books or self-publish. Sink or swim time. I had to preserve my sanity AND save my book that had taken me years to write and see published.

So, as much as it pained me to step away from the great momentum I’d reached with my current work in progress, I set it aside. Regaining my footing was crucial as the initial shock wore off, before my emotions careened out of control due to paralyzing fear, self-doubt, and a loss of self-confidence. Worrying was fruitless. Being proactive helped me regain my balance and composure, and believe me, Booktrope’s announced closing ranked right up there with the time I dropped my only laptop on a concrete sidewalk. The hard drive had shattered and I’d lost most of my documents and all of my photographs. I began querying publishers before something worse happened.

Interestingly enough, starting the odious query process gave me the time and breathing room I needed. Baby steps made me feel more in control of my life, and reading the weekly emails from Booktrope, turned out to be far more appetizing and easier to digest than one huge info dump. While waiting for replies from publishers, I learned what I could about self-publishing from generous fellow writers, editors, and cover designers, who’d either helped put together a self-published book or had self-published themselves. I contacted a few trusted author friends, who like me, had never self-published, and a few who’d self-published several successful books. My friends replied with gracious information and assistance, if I decided to go that route, and most importantly, they offered the emotional support and friendship I desperately needed. I also reached out to a few Booktrope authors who I knew were struggling, hoping to be helpful and supportive. I am very grateful to all of them.

To keep myself clear and balanced while I waited to hear back from publishers, I practiced self-care. I didn’t isolate, but I sure thought about how my foundation had crumbled under my feet…again. I’d survived a financially devastating divorce after 25 years of marriage; I’d left my dream home in the south of France to move back to the US with my kids; and I’d survived on very little money as a single, working Mom of two college-aged kids. I’d graduated from massage therapy school at age 50 (trust me, it’s a pre-med course), and had reentered the dating game at age 50, which wasn’t easy! I’d bought a house in West Virginia, where I didn’t know a soul, and I decided to write full-time, which meant many, many sacrifices. Yes, it all worked out, thank God; much better than I’d ever dreamed possible, but it was tough going for a few years. How was I back to reinventing myself? Why?

I’d turned struggles and challenges into goals met in the past. I could do it again. Life was good, I’d tell myself in the morning, only to feel overwhelmed again by the afternoon. I continued writing out my blessings until I felt better. It became a mental game—a combination of being my own cheerleader and “fake it until you make it.” But Ego kept a good grip by reminding me of all I’d given up for writing, and then whispering, “It’s not worth it, Ellie. Too hard, too hard.”  Yes, there were many sacrifices to living the writing life. I’d accepted the solitary life of a writer with its myriad publishing woes because I love to write. I didn’t have much of a social life and wasn’t traveling as much as I like, but I was happy. My kids were happily thriving; my health was much improved, and then BAM. I found myself on my knees, yet again, at 58 years of age. The negativity reentered. Whatever happened to enjoying my golden years in peace and tranquility? Wasn’t it my turn to breathe free and easy for a while, after years of strife and heartache?

Well, I spent the first week in April licking my wounds, enjoying daily naps and lots of movies. I gardened, read, and followed the Booktrope story on social media, which wasn’t looking pretty. We were now called the Booktrope survivors and had a hashtag, which felt like a label. I used it once and disregarded it, but it was true—we were publishing orphans in a tough publishing world. We were frightened, angry, and lost, but I knew we’d survive.

My fears were temporarily assuaged by joining a Facebook support group page started by Booktrope authors. The members offered answers, hope, support, and information. I kept my hopes up, but it seemed the more I knew about the publishing world, the worse I felt. I started to feel unbalanced and a bit out of sorts again. How in the world would I find a new publishing home for my bestselling novel by May 31, 2016, Booktrope’s final day? Enough already!

To keep my sanity and clarity, I continued my regimen of self-care in the forms of prayer, meditation, and practicing Usui Reiki on myself. I gathered the ancestral, spiritual arsenal available to me and went quiet. I protected myself and blocked out the confusing, outside world of too much information coming at me from too many directions. I was still. I listened. I prayed. I waited. I walked and listened. I protected myself.

I rewrote my list of blessings and meditated on them, remembering how blessed I truly was despite the new bump in the road. I practiced gratitude and reconnected with family and friends. I gardened to my heart’s content and reconnected with friends on social media. I lit candles and recited prayers of protection and for guidance. I prayed the right people would enter my life.

Two weeks after the publishing fiasco, I emerged stronger, more in balance, and open to receive. I was clear enough to sift through and recognize good, useful publishing information and advice. I was ready to receive the blessings I knew were coming, and when I felt fear nudge me, I physically swept it away from my mind, body, and soul with Reiki. And then new blessings came to my life. Synchronicity and serendipitous events happened left and right. I was ready to act. I’d managed to see my book, A Decent Woman in print once; and I would do it again.

Well it turned out, unbeknownst to me that the fabulous editor of my book, Ally Bishop, had started a small publishing press called Scarlet River Press, which is now an imprint under Sixth Street River Press. When I told Ally I planned to self-publish my book, she sent me an email and an open door. A week later, I signed a publishing contract with Sixth Street River Press.

Two weeks later, A Decent Woman was selected as a Finalist for Best Historical Fiction, English, in the 2016 International Latino Book Awards with Latino Literacy Now.

In one month’s time, my book, which had been in danger of turning into a ghostly relic of the past, became an award-winning book. I can’t honestly tell you how that happened, but I can say I was open to receive and I didn’t give up on my dream. I also entered the competition in February 2016. We do have to act!

Each of us is on a personal journey, where some paths are straight and narrow, others are wide and curving. Up the mountain and low in the valley we go; it’s life. Sometimes we hike up, reach the goal, and sit on the plateau for a good long time. Other times, it seems there is no rest in sight, but the momentum is good, so we keep putting one tentative foot in front of the other.

I believe it is necessary and useful to reinvent ourselves several times in one lifetime. While I didn’t plan on reinvention, I’ve done just that several times since 2006. Last month, while awful, wasn’t life-threatening, although it sure felt like it. I have faith and hope that all will go well.

Blessings to you and yours.


Award winning Puerto Rican-born novelist Eleanor Parker Sapia was raised in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Europe. Eleanor’s career paths as an artist, counselor, alternative health practitioner, Spanish language family support worker and refugee case worker, continue to inspire her stories.

Eleanor’s award winning novel, A Decent Woman, set in turn-of-the-nineteenth century Puerto Rico, is published by Scarlet River Press. The book is a finalist for Best Historical Fiction, English, in the 2016 International Latino Book Awards with Latino Literacy Now! Eleanor is featured in the award winning anthology, Latina Authors and Their Muses edited by Mayra Calvani. Eleanor is a proud member of Las Comadres Para Las Americas, PEN America, The National Association of Professional Women, and the Historical Novel Society. She is a contributing writer at Organic Coffee, Haphazardly Literary Society. When not writing, Eleanor loves facilitating creativity groups, reading, gardening, and tells herself she is making plans to walk El Camino de Santiago de Compostela a second time. Eleanor adores her two adult children and currently lives in West Virginia, where she is writing her second novel, The Laments of Sister Maria Inmaculada, and the sequel to A Decent Woman. Find her on Twitter @eleanorparkerwv and on Facebook at . More information about her, her work and the blogs she writes for are at

PS: I asked Ellie about the image on the cover of the book. It’s of a wooden, hand-painted statue of Our Lady of Montserrat, which Eleanor purchased while volunteering at the Catholic shrine of Lourdes, in France. The statue is made by Artisanats des Monasteres de Bethleem de l’Assomption de la Vierge et de Saint Bruno and Heather Parker, Eleanor’s daughter, is the photographer.

Promotion with Integrity is Powerful


yellow crystal

Image by Nasirkhan, accessed via Morguefile.


No matter how you feel about promoting your work, once you are grounded, you can do it. You find the ideas inside yourself so that your promotion is juiced with your special brand of creativity. Then it is time to give your promotion power. Power comes from within. You have all the power you need. If you doubt this, you may need to unblock it. This post helps you do that.

This third post in our series connects Promotion with Integrity to your power source. It is themed yellow because in the human physical and subtle body, your power source is traditionally located in your solar plexus.*


  1. Unblocking your power is much easier–and can be much scarier–than fantasizing about power. Notice your thoughts about power: others have more than I do, I had more power when I was (rich or young or whatever), I will have power when I’m (rich or young or whatever).
  2. Take responsibility for your thoughts about your powerlessness. Where have you given up? How have you interrupted or diverted the extraordinary powers we are each born with and you were born with, and have continued to develop as you’ve grown. They have not decreased–your powers increase as you live.
  3. One reason we dislike promoting our work is that we dislike the promotion we’ve seen. Changing this means changing our ideas of power.  Notice your mental images of power/ful people. Some may be positive: you can emulate them! But you do not have to be like anyone you’ve ever seen in order to promote your work. YOU may be one of your own positive images: think of moments you felt “in your power” talking about your work. In those moments, you were having a good time. Having a good time radiates. It’s powerful. THAT’s what I’m talking about. That’s ALL I’m talking about. You’ve got it! And now you can use it. You can put it to work. See the Meditation below and join us for the Phone Chat.

Phone Chat

We will offer a free Promotion Power telephone session for an unlimited number of participants. Here is what you need to know to join us:

Date: Monday, June 20, 2016

Time and Duration: 6:30pm Eastern US Time for one hour. Special note: This call includes the exact moment of the Summer Solstice! (Solstice is at 6:34pm Eastern). The most solar time of the year!

Cost: Free.

Call-in number: 641-715-3276

Code: 187944# (you will be prompted to give this code once you call the call-in number)

Purpose: To teach you what we know about using your personal power unabashedly, ethically, and with full fun in your promotion of your work. This call will give you information and a completely custom-guided meditation as well as the chance to discuss and hear from other committed promoters with integrity on the call.



A sunflower. Image by and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Sujaykadam. Accessed via Creative Commons Search.

This sunflower is your solar plexus. Bask in the sunlight. Turn to the sun.  Feel the sunlight filling you up.  The sun is radiating out from your solar plexus, like your petals radiate from the center.

You have a sun at the center. The sun is now inside you.

Allow solar power to carry your work out into the world: what is one plan you can make today + act on this week that will bring your work out into the world? Make a time in your schedule; make a date with yourself and keep it.

This is all promotion is: pro+motion, forward motion–movement outward from the Sun within. Engage with your solar plexus as a partner. Check in with your gut. Let yourself be powerful. Let this streaming, solid, soulful power within help you make a powerful plan, and then keep it!

*Why is it called that? Originally, because its nerve fibers radiate in a solar pattern. It is an extraordinarily useful coincidence however that this area of the subtle body is connected with the sun, the self, the power source within ourselves, radiating outward.

Accumulating and Spending


In the transition from late Spring to early Summer, it is easy to feel that everything has been accomplished and you have only to continue on your right track to reap your harvest.

In some senses, this is true. But it is still possible for you to get in your own way. This morning’s I Ching reading wants to be shared with you all, my beloved soul-colleagues, at this time of year in particular. Here is the most important line:

If accumulation and spending occur at the same time,

there will be no accumulation.

It is still time to accumulate, in other words. 12842806815_d76fce4cab_zGathering in, continuing to create with focus, continuing to pay attention, not taking advantage of all you have done thus far yet, not making assumptions, being watchful. This is the path to greatest harvest.



I Ching Translation and Interpretation: Alfred Huang, The Complete I Ching, gua 26, 大畜 (pronounced “dà chù”).

Cairn [stacked pile of stones] along the Black Forest Trail, Lycoming County, within Tiadaghton State Forest: Nicholas A. Tonelli, uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Nuts: fdecomite, Flikr, Creative Commons.

Bombus griseocollis (female brown-belted bumble bee) on purple prairie clover Sand Lake Water Management District: US Fish and Wildlife Service Mountain-Prairie, Flikr, Creative Commons.

WE are Multiple; Brand is Singular

Raps in French and English

The home page of my new writerly website, Raps in French and English.

Human beings are capable of powered flight; we can travel across ourselves and find that self multiple and vast.  (Jeannette Winterson, p. 116, Art Objects)

The more I understand about branding, the more I see branding’s singularity as freeing us rather than constraining us.

I recently created a website  to house my published writings, and advertise my work as writer, book coach, and translator. I mentioned that I would do this here, in a post reflecting on the importance to our brand of all we don’t do. Even just thinking about what would go into the new website freed me to see RAISING CLARITY and this website more clearly.

It is not necessary to be shut up in one self, to grind through life like an ox at a mill, always treading the same ground. (Winterson again, same page and book)

I used to think branding was for boring people. People who were and did and thought just one thing, just one way.

I felt I was much too interesting to do any such thing as branding: how could I constrain my multiplicity?

Now I understand that branding is important because everyone is as vast and multiple as I am, and branding helps slow down my message enough for them to pay attention for the two seconds (if I’m lucky) I get of their attention before they turn to something else. If they connect with my message, I get more of their attention.

This suddenly makes branding make a whole lot of sense. I do not need to be singular. MY BRAND DOES.

So now, when it comes to textual analysis, textual healing, or translation, I have a calling-card I show people. And when it comes to helping you come out more fully into the world to claim and remove obstacles to your abundance, I have RAISING CLARITY.

This post is dedicated with love and thanks to my soul-colleague Kurt Bartolich, whose work makes my thinking about brand possible.

Deliberately Giving Money Away

Canal. Image by and uploaded to Flikr by Jeff Attaway, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Deliberately giving money away is highly endorsed by RAISING CLARITY.  You probably already know three reasons:

  1. It’s good for others to receive your money.
  2. Most religions tell you to do it.
  3. Money is bad so giving it away is the next best thing to not having any.

Right…there are some conflicting ideas on giving away money flying around out there in the culture.

Religions tell you to give away money for practical reasons of social harmony and because generosity is good. But unless you really study the teachings, you don’t really understand why generosity is good.

You might think it is because of #1, other people need your money. Maybe so. But they don’t need it as much as you need to give some away. I experienced this again recently when I had amassed over $100 in my tithing fund. I call it that, and indeed, I do give away 10% of my income, which is where the word “tithe” comes from (= “the tenth part”).  I got such a thrill investing it in something that really matters to me, without being asked, without even really making a big noise about it.

I have posted on the magical aspect of tithing here, and the practical, how-to aspect here.  It is really worth your time to try it out; just adopt a percentage or an amount and go with it, with some regularity, over some period of time. Experiment. Set it aside in any way that makes sense and then let it go. Channel it where you want it or simply leave some out in the street where you think someone will pick it up. Experiment. You can give away a lot or a little. See what feels good to you–and it should feel good. That’s the fun part–experiment til it feels good.

I reflected on my deliberately giving away money experiments and came up with my own three weird-wonderful reasons for doing it:

Deliberately giving money away
  1. keeps you one step ahead of deliberately being selfish.
  2. puts a hole in your budget you control. Most holes you don’t control. This is a hole you create.
  3. is one of the two things money is for: us, and other people. I am honestly not sure there is a difference. I think I am getting to a place now where I tithe for myself. And when I spend money on myself, it is the use others will make of it I think about. It’s all very selfish and feels very good. It sounds paradoxical but that’s just one of those conflicting ideas about money, flying around.



Promotion with Integrity is Juicy


Orange quartz crystals on barytine. Image by and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Géry Parent, accessed via Creative Commons Search.


Promotion with Integrity is promotion that feels good. It feels juicy: lovely, yummy, creative, fun.

If that’s hard to imagine, start with our “Grounded Promotion”post! You might try the guided meditation you’ll find if you click on the link to the sound-file at the top of that post, and go to the last 15 minutes of our Grounded Promotion recorded phone chat.

Once you’re grounded…it’s time to generate some enthusiasm for your promotional work. And, as Disney’s Mary Poppins said,

“For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and snap! the job’s a game.”

Fun and enthusiasm are PART of promoting your work! Seriously! (And yes, that’s a pun!)

Each post in this series is meant to give you one part of the whole. Taken together, they are meant to make a noticeable difference in your zest for promoting your work (project, nonprofit, business, cause, art, book, healing practice) with integrity. INTEGRITY MEANS WHOLENESS.

So often, we promote our work because we are told we have to.  From a mindset of obligation and let’s face it, dread, we promote our work with something less than enthusiasm and less than wholeness.  Sometimes, it’s a chore, compared with the work itself, which we love. Guess what? Promoting your work can become part of your work.  (Shout-out to our soul-colleague M who pointed this out on the Grounded Promotion phone chat.)

So, ok…where’s the juice?

Some might say: in your pelvis.

Yup. I went there. This post engages your creative, generative, let’s just say it: SEXUAL superpower: the power of creation! (You can find it in your sexy brain if that works better.)


  1. The first way to get juicy with your promotion is to give yourself a playdate. Give yourself a time to PLAY. Creativity takes time. And during that time, it can feel…oceanic, wild, tempestuous, emotional, flowing, silly, happy, childlike, scary, experimental, and even sad. It’s ok to allow your emotions to arise–that means you are doing your playdate right! Remember you are playing with focus: how would you LOVE to promote your work?  Go ahead: just make stuff up! In fact, that’s the point. You are a fountain of creativity. Record your ideas with respect.  You don’t have to act on everything.
  2. But you do (to play our game here) “have” to choose ONE (1) idea to act on. Which will it be: the wildest? the silliest? the easiest? the least expensive? the safest? the most creative? the one you think will build the best relationships with your people? the one that gets you indelibly branded as…your brand?
  3. Measure the results. If you want ideas of how to do this, comment with a specific question to this post and you’ll get one, free!  Measurement isn’t usually classified as juicy; trust me. Observing your results will help you integrate changes you like into your regular old everyday marketing plan…you have one, right? If not, repeat 2 and 3 above til you do! For more “sensible” ideas, check out these.

Phone Chat

We will offer a free Juicy Promotion telephone session for an unlimited number of participants. Here is what you need to know to join us:

Date: Monday, June 6, 2016

Time and Duration: 4pm Eastern US Time for one hour     NOTE: This is a different time from the last one! We are experimenting (juicily).

Cost: Free.

Call-in number: 641-715-3276

Code: 187944# (you will be prompted to give this code once you call the call-in number)

Purpose: Helping you juice your promotion. To get more out of this session, think about these ahead of time: what are you promoting? does it feel boring? life-threatening? somewhere in between? if so, how would you describe how it feels? were you able to try the three Steps above? what happened? there may be time on the call to share your Steps and even your results. There will definitely be time to strategize how to do the three Steps.



Tropical orange beauty (hibiscus). Image by and uploaded to Flikr by Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Just notice you are breathing. The tropical orange beauty above is pouring her blessings out on you. Which part of you takes in her stream? (No one else is watching; experiment!) Receive her creative juice on any part of you that needs it. Allow your parched parts to drink. Now place a part of you under her stream that doesn’t necessarily need it. Creativity and juiciness aren’t so much about needing as wanting. Notice there is no scarcity. You can drink and drink–and the next person to do this meditation can too.

NOW take your work you want to promote in your hands and hold it up to receive the stream. Watch as juicy creativity begins to pour over your work. What happens next?

Watch and see. Enjoy. Please? Thank you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our juicy post! To understand more about the Promotion with Integrity campaign, click here. For all the posts in the series, click here. Our next post  in the series comes out Monday, June 13th. To work with RAISING CLARITY on promoting your work with juicy integrity, contact us here.

Antiracism is Fun, and How: Post #22 in Our Series, What One (White) Person Can Do

Day Spa. Source: Balgownie Estate, uploaded by Roderick Elme to Flikr with the understanding it was supplied copyright-free to Accessed via Creative Commons Search.

I might be the only person who thinks it’s fun to be antiracist but I doubt it.  One soul-colleague of mine (a man of color who does a lot of it) describes antiracism work as going to the dentist. I describe it as going to the spa. I think this is an important difference that may make white people more likely to become actively less racist: that it be fun. That it feel good to us as well as do good for others. Self-interest is the most powerful long-lasting and sustainable motivator I know. Just sayin’. So, thinking I may have found yet another one of my odd blogging niches (the fun of antiracism), let me “count [just a few of] the ways”:

  1. I am having a great time with my white authors’ fast. I put myself on a reading diet of authors of color only a couple of years ago. I thought it might last a year–but it is really too much fun to stop. It makes choosing what I read more varied and interesting. It makes finding books faster and causes the just-right books to fall into my lap very often, because I am putting out a very clear frequency that attracts them in each subject area I tend to pursue: spiritual, philosophical, fiction. (You can find out more about my reading here.)
  2. Because I know I’m doing my best with zest, I am less embarrassed to be stupid around people of color and about issues of racism. I am more humble and this makes it easier for me to change. It makes me more porous to supportive help. (I do not ask people of color for help with my racism on a routine basis and I don’t recommend doing that! I can say why if you ask. Help arises situationally, if we pay attention to the subtle level of things.)
  3. I am much more free to spend much more energy on opportunities that come my way to make a difference, just because I’ve decided to make this change in my life.

Fun doesn’t mean it’s a game. Fun doesn’t mean we don’t take it seriously. When it’s fun we simply want to do our best with zest!  Celebrate your changes! And write in if you feel moved.