Crowdfunding: Letting A Thousand Flowers Really Bloom/Part Two: Letting


Giant White Shasta Daisies. Image by and uploaded to Flikr by Swallowtail Garden Seeds with a Creative Commons license.

If you are confused, it may be because you are starting with Part Two of this series. Start here instead. Then come back.


Once you’ve understood that crowdfunding is part of fundraising, you want to know how to let your crowdfunding flowers bloom.

Think of money as water. Think of fundraising as opening up channels to receive that water. Crowdfunding is just fancy plumbing and a pump.

Your job is to keep the pump primed, and the plumbing unobstructed.

What crowdfunding does that seems so magic is open up a channel right where so many people seem to live, and so many give: online. When you crowdfund, you are going to be inundated. Hopefully, you’ll be inundated with money. For sure you’ll also be inundated with work. There’s a level of excitement you must maintain if you bother to do crowdfunding. It’s part of the job.

Excitement is the pump. Your cause can be best in the world but if your crowdfunding campaign is boring, please just don’t do it at all. Go back to Part One, read the article, and only do the stuff they talk about besides crowdfunding.

If you are committed to crowdfunding, commit. That’s what we mean by “letting”: let it work for you.

You have to work to let it work for you, though! Nothing in social media stays the same for long. People live online because it distracts them. If you want their attention, be distracting: be engaging, interesting, quirky, even provocative. Above all, be appreciative.

Appreciation is fun for people to read about as well as receive and inspires giving.

If you’re going to crowdfund, you need to budget time to keep up with it. Time to prepare perks in advance, for example. What a great idea! Hey–it came from the folks who wrote the article I advised. (Here’s the article again.) Take time to troubleshoot in advance what they figured out through trial and error (with over 100 years of organizing under their belts) and which they share in the article.

Crowdfunding is a magic wand because you work your butt off creating the magic.

Then you have to make sure people see it!  A beautiful crowdfunding page is like a beautiful website: it just sits there. Yes, some of the magic of crowdfunding is that people do browse looking for things to fund. How cool is that?!

But don’t rely on it!

You have to tell people to come to your campaign!

How? On to Part Three...

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Crowdfunding: Letting A Thousand Flowers Really Bloom/Part One: Crowdfunding?


Giant White Shasta Daisies. Image by and uploaded to Flikr by Swallowtail Garden Seeds with a Creative Commons license.

So appropriate, this series, as I prepare to launch a campaign including crowdfunding for a new client who has quickly become a soul-colleague. Let’s take it from the top:


  1. You think you want crowdfunding. Think again: do you mean you want fundraising? Fundraising is a multi-pronged endeavor that can include crowdfunding. Here is an article I advised, “Our Multipronged Approach to Crowdfunding: Melding the Old & the New” that shows you what I mean.
  2. Read it and if you don’t understand it, ask questions in a comment to this post.
  3. If you don’t understand what made this client’s crowdfunding successful, read it once more, take notes, and then ask questions here.

If you can’t tell what was crowdfunding and what was fundraising in the article, you’ve got it!

You’ve understood the basics and you understand the article. Proceed to Part Two!

Continuing the Rainbow Journey: Promotion with Integrity


Opal, by and uploaded to Flikr by Jim Thompson, accessed via Creative Commons.

This blog series shares my journey through my promotional superpowers. In order to write you something of worth, I have had to dig deep within myself:

  • to ground (and help you ground),
  • get juiced (and show you were to find your juice),
  • radiate confidence (and help you source yours),
  • open my heart (to help me hold space for you to open yours),
  • speak my truth (and empower your speaking),
  • embrace my clairvoyance (and speak to you of the confidence that is all it takes for you to embrace yours)
  • accept healing of my “promotional” body (and point to yours).

One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what I need to do it,

good promotion is not outside me:

I don’t need more advice.

I don’t need a sounding board.

I definitely don’t need more time.

It’s the other way around:

everything I need to do good promotion lives inside me.

I activate my promotional superpowers and then I have

  • a use for the advice
  • something to bounce off the sounding board
  • no resistance to setting aside the time I need to promote my work.

It’s inevitable:

When we are no longer afraid of doing promotion,  we become more successful.

Promotion with Integrity Group

I am offering a Promotion with Integrity support and coaching group this fall. Here is the Application. It’s due by 5pm on Monday, October 3rd. I’m taking a maximum of 15 people.
You can recommend it to others, too! Notice that you can afford it. The group starts meeting in mid-November. Remember: the Application is due Monday, October 3rd by 5pm. I’ll review all the Applications at the same time–and choose the juiciest and most synergistic balance of 15. Criteria for showing us how juicy and synergy-producing you are can be found in the Application.

Meditation for Racial Peace: Post #25 in Our Series, What One (White) Person Can Do


Image used with permission of Imani Works. For information about their Conflict Transformation Services program, click here.

Here it is–all laid out for us by Imani Works:

an exquisite meditation (see p. 9)

a way to use meditation to advance racial justice and healing (see p. 1)

a complete detailed guide and program for your racial peace event (see p. 6).

I loved this “Curriculum for Racial Healing” so much I requested permission from its creators to focus on it this month in our series.

Here’s an excerpt introducing the meditation:

Racial peace can be found by awakening to the racial suffering in this country, within ourselves and within others, and bringing a compassionate attention to what hurts. Through meditation, we begin by bringing into awareness and directly acknowledging the personal suffering created by racial tension and aversion. Opening our hearts with compassion, we hold that suffering, and the suffering of others, with honesty and kindness and great care, allowing it to transform from suffering to a sense of spaciousness and equanimity. We are aware that everything changes. Awareness and loving kindness show us how we all share this human experience, and that we are all kin and that we all belong here.

“Meditation for Racial Peace: A Curriculum for Racial Healing” truly contains everything you’ll need–beautiful flyers, “icebreaker cards,” and sign-in sheets you can photocopy! detailed guidance, ideas about timing, artistic performances, and meditating with children! a savvy Resources list at the end! All eminently adaptable.

Like so many of the very best things in life, it is free. But why not upload a donation to Imani Works when you download your copy?







3 Strategies to Get Less Done


This beautiful photo was taken by Lise Metzger. I love how it looks like a stock photo except for the Yogaville yantra in the background and a bit of floof in the drapes–and my floofy hair!

This is the season to get less done. You can do these quietly, with no one the wiser:

walk slowly to one place.

reschedule one thing til next week.

budget twice as long as needed for one task.

You may think I’m kidding til you remember I’m not like that. I challenge you:

Do one of these and experience a cool blast of relief in the heat of Harvest.

Make up your own. Try one every day. Write in if you’d like to. Offer your time-slowing suggestions. And consider slowing down again, just for fun.


PS: If you’re reading this today, Monday, August 15th, you’re invited to our free phone chat at 3pm Eastern today (12 noon Pacific). Here’s the chat information, on the topic of promoting your work.

Overtaken by Grace


Title: “O to grace how great a debtor, daily I’m constrained to be!” Photographer Ruben Alexander asks we view this as a large photo, and though here we cannot very easily, here you can, and find the poem giving its title to the image accessed via Creative Commons, uploaded from Flikr.

This is the season of fruiting, past the season of flowering and before the season of harvest.

Some of what we notice in this season is pure terror at what has manifested in our lives.

Some of what we notice is gratitude.

But right now, it’s especially easy to notice.

Everything is on the surface. Very little is hidden.

Right now, I am noticing Grace. Nothing I do anymore to hide her presence works. She’s a squash tendril wending her green path into my life

over here and

over there and

suddenly all over everywhere.

Grace has overtaken me, undone all my arguments against the lived persistence of her presence.

There is no more resisting that Grace is where I live. I have known terror and I have known gratitude, but both just keep leading me to the same place: Grace.

These lyrics can be heard in the background of this post very beautifully.

Promotion with Integrity is Healed


Photo by jdurham from

Below is the recording of the “Promotion with Integrity is Healed” free phone chat described in this post. Enjoy!

All of these words have the same root.

Promotion with Integrity heals wounds.

It heals advice we’ve received about promoting our work (that we could not get to work for us).

It heals lies we’ve told ourselves about our work.

It heals our pain at having told potential clients something more than was true about our work–or something less, downplaying our work because we were scared, shy, comparing ourselves to someone else, resistant, afraid, afraid, afraid.

Promoting our work with integrity heals how we write and speak about and demonstrate our work. It means we share our work in ways that are aligned with all our parts. In alignment, we share our work as as we do our work–and as uniquely. We are daring, creative, flowing, communicative of our love, wise, delighted to experiment and to improve.

Each of us who reads this blog has created their work uniquely. Here is my manifesto for us:

It may not make sense to anyone else, but this is how we do it.

It may come across as too vulnerable to others, but this is the voice we speak in.

It may not meet a majority need, but we know there is a niche for it.

Everyone who reads this blog has a project, a dream being realized, an organization dear to them, is an entrepreneur in the sense of innovator and risk-taker (the original meaning of “entrepreneur”: someone who undertakes something qualified to be called “an undertaking.” You don’t “undertake” something ordinary.)

Self-acceptance and self-embrace are big for us. So is learning from others without copying them or wanting to. So is boldly following our best inner guidance!

When we love promoting our work, we are healed.

This Fall, I will start offering a monthly support group for promoters-with-integrity.  I have realized I know a lot and know very smart people! Some of them will be in this support group.

We will meet for learning, practice, sharing, and guided meditation–specifically improving our promotion–each month.  I will also coach and consult with each member between meetings.  Please know I intend to make this affordable, and want you if you are interested. If you want to know more now, you can apply here. I will write about the group again so no worries if you feel you want to hear more first. I think I’ll limit it to 15 for maximum changemaking and bonding.

Here are what we promise in every post in this series: steps, a meditation, and an invitation to our next (last!) free phone chat of the Promotion with Integrity summer blog post series:


  1. Think about what it would mean to have healing in promoting your work: that area of your life would simply no longer be an issue. Notice that you would probably automatically begin to help other people with your light and wise, experiential teaching.
  2. Imagine healed promotion and how it feels. Know it is already happening when you connect within yourself and try out new promotional strategies that feel good to you, no matter how small, “crazy,” creative, never before seen. You have begun doing this.
  3. Ask: what kind of promotional issue am I having? The answers really can come from within you. Do you need the wisdom of:
    speaking your truth?

Click on the color of the wisdom you need, and use the steps in the post to find the answers to your issue. You know much more than you think.

Free Phone Chat

Date: Monday, August 15, 2016
Time: 3pm Eastern for one hour
Cost: Free
Join: The call-in number is 641-715-3276. Give this code when prompted: 187944#. We’ll talk about healing our innate wisdom in sharing our work, and I’ll lead us on a meditative journey that inspires insights and new ideas. (It really does; you can hear people getting ideas and insights right on the calls! Just click on the colors above to be taken to past posts in this series. The recordings are given at the top of each post.)



Giant White Shasta Daisies. Image by and uploaded to Flikr by Swallowtail Garden Seeds with a Creative Commons license.

This is your chance for all-out visualization. What does successful promotion of your work LOOK like to your intuition or inner seeing?

Can you see it as a movie? My movie: I love seeing myself talking to individuals and small groups about RAISING CLARITY. I love seeing myself speaking to a roomful of people about our basic concepts, and seeing articles I’ve published that promote our unique point of view. I love putting people in touch whom I know will love each other and raise each other’s clarity, and convening gatherings where people are RAISING CLARITY. And I’m only talking about promoting. I also love being wise and helpful as a coach and consultant.

What do you look like promoting your work successfully? Seeing yourself successful is revealing.

Now gather all your superpowers we symbolize by the rainbow of colors in this series, and allow them to flow out the top of your head. See the white-light diamond at your crown where the colors meet and stream out the top of your head. You are POWER itself. You make success by simply allowing the stream.

How are you doing it? What new things are you doing? What are you doing better?

See you again soon! There will be one more post saying goodbye and thank you to this series!

Flow and Those Dammed Emotions


Beaver lodge. Image by Dick Bauch, found on Wikimedia Commons.

Oh yes, I am such a punster. If you read our last post on (un)blocking flow, you know I promised to talk with you about the dams we build that block our flow. Because my key insight in that post was

We don’t get to choose what kind of flow comes into our lives.

Abundance = flow. (That’s what abundance means–a wave coming down.)  Flow includes stuff we want and love and like and stuff we hate and loathe and avoid. 

What have you put in the way of your abundance? Let me guess: the same stuff I’ve put in mine, our dammed emotions. Emotions are what we shut down so we don’t have to feel all the places we have been hurt. Then: our bodies get tight. Our hearts get smaller. Our minds become land-mines–“land-minds.”

And we just get used to working around it so we aren’t reminded of the pain and sadness and grief and fear and hatred and loathing. But working around it is not simple; it’s not like we’ve piled up everything up in one neat, one easily avoidable spot. Noooo. We have this pile close in and that pile there and a biggish one in the corner. We are constantly having to move over and around and across all this stuff we’re holding on to to protect ourselves from…

Flow. In order to reach us, flow also has to move over and around and across.  It has to break through our dams.  Flow can be terrifying and scary and upsetting. The flow into our lives is immense. It’s not that we lack abundance. It’s that we are terrified of it.

We have this choice: receive more or shut down. We have to get braver if we want more. This is how I know to receive abundance: risk, pain, openness, loving detachment, awareness. Oh yes, and telling the truth.

I want to say: there is no other way to abundance. I want to say this simply because I do not experience any other way.

Let me have your thoughts. Maybe there is something I am just plain missing here.




How Are You (Un)Blocking Flow?


West Branch Ketchum Run. Image by Nicholas Tonelli uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

I’ve been thinking a lot about flow. Flow is abundance, abundance means “overflow,” but etymologically shows a wave coming down.

Flow can feel big–huge, in fact–when we don’t want it. It often feels too-small when we do want what it’s bringing us.

And this right here is the secret I am unfolding for myself and thus for you my readers about abundance:

We don’t get to choose the flow.

We get to choose how open we are to flow.

I was totally stunned by this. All this time, I’ve been focused on cultivating abundance through RAISING CLARITY. Well, clarity has finally been raised: we cultivate abundance by cultivating openness to whatever abundance is bringing us.

That’s not palatable, it’s not popular, but it is practical: to receive more, open more. To everything.

So now my question:

how are you blocking flow?

how are you unblocking flow?

How open are you generally to what life brings you?

How open are you to what life is bringing you right now?

Can you see what’s in the way of becoming more open?

 You may have been growing your very own tree right in the middle of your river.

(See the photo above.)

It might be quite a beautiful tree. You may have lavished love on this tree.

But if it is blocking your flow, I suggest to you it is in the wrong place.

Dams can be made of many things.

We get used to flow skirting around them.

Then we wonder why we don’t have more abundance.

I will look at this more closely with you very soon.


Guest Post: What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege: Post #24 in Our Series, What One (White) Person Can Do

good black news mastheadThis is a share of a blog post I think you should read, following my idea last week that I don’t need to hog your attention with my twice-weekly posts. And it is definitely what one white person can do–allow someone else to speak.

I love  Lori Lakin Hutcherson’s thoughtful, skillfully chosen “Good Black News.” I love her story about why she founded this news service and serves as its editor-in-chief. You’ll also love the why and how if you read the post of hers–an editorial–and you will get a lot out of the stories she tells.

I could not believe Lori’s white friend asked “her black opinion” on white privilege–on Facebook. And for an entirely different reason, I could not believe the goodness and kindness of her reply (as well as its power and precision). I like getting out of the way and helping her broadcast it to more people.

If you have ever wanted clarity about white privilege, here you get it without having to ask.  One thing you can do (as our series is called): enjoy GBN’s blog posts. Stopping racism includes educating ourselves, and educating ourselves can be a delight. Making it a delight is part of Good Black News’s gift to us.  OK, here is the post, if you haven’t already clicked on it above:

And here’s the website of indexed posts in all arenas of life plus a way to subscribe: